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Forecasting Resources

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Bryan Waggonner wrote in to share some of his favorite forecasting tools and there are some gems here:

In regards to weather resources the following are some of my favorites:

On the above link, three tabs to the right from “Overview” is “QPF”, clicking that will give you daily rain totals out to a week, I use this often.

On pivotal weather you can click through the hour cycles at left of the map and hold your mouse of a desired region/location and get an idea as to how much rain will fall.  The hours extend out to about a month, likely less reliable that far out but I like it for the 1-2 week range.

On wowweather I hit the loop and particularly like to see what’s building offshore.  It cycles through almost 16 days.

From the climate prediction center I like looking at there 6-10 and 8-14 day extended range outlooks.

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