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Feather River Fly Fishing Report

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Ryan Johnston Reports on 4.20.2016

The Feather continues to fish well from Oroville down to Gridley. Fish are still evenly spread throughout the system. There are lots of half pounders this year in the 15-18" range. Finding the larger adult size fish has been challenging. There are a few around if you fish it enough and cover lots of water. The best fishing is from Sunrise till about 1PM. Once that sun gets up then things tighten up quite a bite. Fishing will then get good again the last hour of day light. Hot flies have been caddis, caddis, and caddis. Birds nest, Fox Poopah, King Prince, Queen Prince, Red Headed Prince, and Dirty Bird will all get the job done.

Don’t be afraid to swing some smolt patterns to get some aggressive grabs as those steelhead love a flashy bait style fly coming through the water column.
I won’t do the Sac as I know everyone sends reports of that. I have attached a nice photo this time. 

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