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Feather River Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney, Jordan Romney Fly Fishing

The salmon run was a little lighter this year than last but the fishing is still decent with the egg bit coming to an end.  Hopefully with the current storms we get some of the bigger winter fish in early to spice things up.  The fishing is fair so far on the Feather and the crowds have been the most trivial factor.  Most days I have been out there have produced marginal results while trying to find spots to fish in between other guide boats and recreational anglers.  Everyone seems pretty patient with each other out there.  Your ticket is to get up earlier and fish your first run hard.  

There have been some really good mayfly hatches on warmer days where the steelhead start acting trouty due to the abundance of bugs.  Indicator nymphing is the most productive way to catch fish and the fly selection does not have to be that scientific.  I like using two bit hookers and basic pheasant tails.  San Juan worms work here also, if you turn over some rocks you will see that this river is rich with aquatic worms.  Swinging flies can be good this time of year because the salmon run is depleting and new fish entering.  I like black egg sucking leeches.

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