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Fall River Fishing Report

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Leslie Ajari

The past few weeks have been hot with tough conditions on Fall River. However the past week has seen an increase in fishing productivity due to the cloud cover, cooler temperatures, and afternoon showers. Sinking lines with sparse streamers are superb, and the fish are on the nymph grab once again. Not as much dry fly action during the day as would be expected with the overcast skies, but the Hexagenia hatch is happening in the evenings.

The hatch has moved to parts of the upper river, and evenings are consistently producing nice fish. There have been a variety of sizes hatching; if you aren’t getting grabs on the bigger dries, try tying on one a size smaller. For those of you venturing out on your own, it can get crowded out there and with the thunderheads it’s dark coming back to the dock. Please remember to bring boat lights, a spot light, and your sense of propriety and courtesy when you’re enjoying the river.

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