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Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

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The weather in the Eastern Sierra is crisp, cold, and clear.

Sierra Nevada

 There does not appear to be any storms on the horizon in the extended forecast. Wah!

East Walker

The flows are currently at 25 cfs and 12º. This is very bony water. I am going to wait until the irrigation district bumps up the flows again, that said, expect the trout to be more lethargic and hanging in the deeper pools. They are sitting ducks now but super spooky with the low, clear water.

West Walker

The West Walker is flowing at about 21. This is a wonderful place to fish with gin clear conditions and pocket water. Attractor patterns work well. The river is quite bony now…. look for the trout in the deeper buckets.

Hot Creek

Hot Creek could not be any better. The creek is flowing through the canyon at 38 cfs. Target your casts to the feeding lanes between the grasses and rocks. You may not see fish, but they are there. Try a dry-dropper setup with a hopper or ant pattern and mayfly or stonefly pattern below.

Upper Owens River

The flows are at 86 cfs but these are readings taken high in the river system. Once Hot Creek dumps into the mid-section the flows are closer to about 120 cfs and off color. The entire river system is open now, from Big Springs to the reservoir. The Upper O is fishing well. More and more trout are spreading out throughout the river system. You can catch many small rainbows and browns on the surface with elk haired caddis, stimulators, hoppers, and some bigger fish with nymphs in the deeper runs. If the surface activity is not happening, throw a juju baetis off the hook bend of your hopper and see what will happen.

Lower Owens River

The Lower Owens flows are coming down and now sits at 214 cfs. By the 17th, the river should be at about a 100. I miss fishing “down the hill” and look forward to having the river at a friendly flow.

San Joaquin River

The canyon is closed for the season BUT, if you are so motivated, you can ride your bike down the road past the closure at Minaret Vista and have the run of the entire river to yourself.

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