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Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

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Jim Stimson reports on 10.6.2016

First things first, Go Giants!

Autumn is on full display now on the high benches and most of the canyons along the Eastside. The mornings are very crisp with frost and some fog settling in along the river basins. Dress warmly if you head out early. Once the sun hits the valley however, it warms up nicely.

Lower Owens River

The LADWP has been sending copious amounts of water down the Owens Valley for weeks now. The flows have finally dropped below 200 cfs and hopefully this part of the river system will return to normal. This is such a great place to fish when the temperatures in the high country dip into the 20’s. Bishop is a great escape once the short, cold days of winter set in.

Upper Owens River

The Upper O is still fishing reasonably well. Larger fish are moving out of the reservoir and into the river system seeking cooler water. The fishing is stellar if the weather is stable but if a low pressure system moves in, the trout go down and are tight lipped. I’ve still had good success nymphing with a soft hackled pheasant tail, sized 16 or 18.

East Walker

I believe the season may be over for the East Walker. The flows have dropped into the low 20’s and will probably remain there for the duration of the winter. Personally, I like to fish (fairly) with flows 75 cfs and above…. they are sitting ducks now with the low water.

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