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Early Spring Northstate Fly Fishing Report

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Early Spring Northstate Fly Fishing Report


AC Flyfishing Reports on 2.20.20

We're experiencing some incredibly nice Spring-like weather recently here in Northern California. The day time temps in Redding have been in the mid to upper 60s and it's been downright pleasant outside and on the river. Trout fishing is starting to get good and river conditions on the Lower Sac are the best we've seen in 3 Springs. As much as we're looking forward to trout fishing becoming our mainstay -

Steelhead season isn't over quite yet.. We still have 3-4 weeks left of chasing these giant anadromous rainbows on the coastal rivers.

Conditions for Winter Steelhead have been good for us recently and the coming two weeks look to provide the same. Trout fishing on the Lower Sac and Steelhead fishing on the coast should be the two trips on your radar in the coming weeks. If you've got any sort of fly fishing itch to scratch, now is the time to do it..

We're extremely excited to have great river conditions for our Spring trout fishing this year on the Lower Sac. The past two years have dealt us high and unfavorable flows for a lot of March and April.

Currently, we're staring down the barrel at ideal river conditions and exceptionally nice weather patterns. Sure, we'd love to see another storm system or two move through and put snow in the high country but we're going to enjoy the favorable river conditions and great weather in the forecast. Flows on the Sac are just under 4k cfs right now. Even with the lighter than average Winter we've had, there is a lot of water still in Lake Shasta to set us up for a great year of trout fishing on the Lower Sacramento River. The warmer weather will get the bugs going - Spring Caddis, PMDs, March Browns and Stoneflies should all be primary food sources in the coming weeks. We may even have the opportunity to throw the dry fly some if hatches pop off like we're expecting them to.. Those of you that have experienced similar Spring conditions on the Sac know just how awesome the fishing can be. Now is the time to setup your Spring trip and take advantage of the favorable conditions we have. 

If you haven't heard yet - we've had a pretty solid window of chasing Winter Steelhead on the coast of California the past few weeks. Chasing these fish is never an easy game but the conditions have been excellent recently and look to continue to be in the coming weeks. Some of our guests this year have run into some truly memorable fish with us. With the high pressure persisting on the coast and lack of big storms in the forecast; We're expecting the opportunities to continue into mid-March. 
**It is important to note that fishing the coastal rivers for these fish is not for the thin skinned. Prepare to be humbled by these rivers and fish. Chasing Winter Steelhead on the coast is fast paced, technical fly fishing that demands next level casting, mending, line management and fish fighting skills. There is very little margin for error when pursuing these fish. These trips are recommended for the most experienced anglers. 

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