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Delta Fly Fishing Report

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Bryce Tedford reports on 3.2.17

Water is still off color in much of the Delta but there are a few fish to be had for the hearty angler! All about finding cleaner water right now, fish the back of the sloughs, tops of Deepwater channels or anywhere you can find cleaner water. Fish larger flies with rattles in the dirty water & of course 4-6" chartreuse/white Clousers are the way to go in cleaner water. 

The Delta still needs a few weeks of good weather to get rolling but things are trending in the right direction. Be aware there are current closures on the Delta due to safety concerns related to the levees & all the debris in the water. Most of these closures are in the South half of the Delta, not sure when these restrictions will be lifted. Finding water temperatures from 50-55 degrees depending on the area & time of day. 

Following is information on the current closures:

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