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Delta Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Bryce Tedford reports on 4.5.18

California Delta 

Delta Striper fishing has been more of a challenge the last 2 weeks. Dirtier water from recent rains has been moving around in various areas. Recently I am averaging 10-15 fish to 5lbs, the trick has been to find reasonable clean water that is holding feeding fish. 

There are a fair amount of fish in the system so as the water continues to clear the catching should improve. April & May are shaping up to be prime Striper months & I would suggest getting out if time permits! Water temperatures are currently 58-60 degrees & warmer weather will continue to warm the Delta. In the dirty water, I have been using 3-5” Rattle Clousers in various colors such as Chartreuse over White or Black/Purple over Chartreuse has been good as well.

Captain Bryce Tedford 206.696.2437

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