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Coastal Steelheading Report

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Hey All, 

This is the time of the year I like to hop in my car and head north. I am going to share a few tools I use to plan my trip.

My Brother Dustin has started guiding for Steelhead on the Oregon Coast.

The Oregon Coast is home to some of the healthiest Steelhead populations in the lower 48. Combined with incredible scenery, there are few places that match the experience of fishing Oregon’s coastal rivers. 


Winter steelhead season is just getting started and lasts until mid/late March.  With the rain falling I expect the rivers to be fishing well this weekend and continued rainfall next week should keep it going.

How to get there:   

Direct flights from SFO to OTH (North Bend) leave SF Thursday or Friday at 11:40 AM and return to SFO Sunday or Monday afternoon, allowing for trip lengths of 1 ½ days to 3 ½ days.

From the Airport, a short and scenic drive gets you to multiple productive rivers   


For available dates call or email:

T: 530.921.1563


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