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Coastal Fly Fishing Report

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Lost Coast Outfitters reports on 3.16.17

The coastal rivers are green right now and the season is over at the end of the month.


The dry conditions are resulting in the only week-long window of fishing on the coast all season. A day here and day there is all we’ve had so far, and with March 31st approaching it’s time to go. We’ve heard good reports this week from the SF Eel and smaller rivers like the Gualala and Garcia. The Smith is clear and putting out some big chromers too.

Next week, the storms are supposed to return and the rivers will be brown again, maybe for the rest of the season. Check out this NOAA forecast graph for the SF Eel.

That spike on Tuesday is the end of steelhead green. So, bail on work. Call out sick, call out dead. Just pack your marabous, sink-tips and two-hander and hit the 101. 

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