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Central Valley Fly Fishing Report

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Captain Hogan Brown Reports on 2.12.2020
Valley Striper fishing has slowed down - clear, cold, and low water has the fish a bit spooky and feeding in very short bursts. Fishing should improve with some warmer weather but rain and flows are needed to really get fish moving and feeding. Migratory fish should start showing up in the Lower section of our rivers by the first week of March. These fish will usually start to show themselves around Verona, Yuba City, and up to Colusa in March. On high water years they will move up farther but I don't think this year will be a high water year. 
Valley and Foothill Lakes and reservoirs spotted bass is getting good with some warmer weather and higher sun angles. Fish are starting to really eat in preparation for the spawn. I am not sure it is true pre spawn yet but the dead of winter vibe has gone and fish seem to be more active. Main food source for most lake and reservoirs spotted, large, and smallmouth bass this time of year is minnows...wakasagi minnows, shad (small), and on occasion goby minnow. Fish on certain lakes will start eating smaller crawfish as well. Fishing the float n fly is catching the most fish but moving the fly/float a bit is starting to pay off which means dragging or stripping flies is not far off. 

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