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Burney Fall River Report

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John Fochetti Reports on 5.26.2016

Hat Creek


Has continued to fish well, some really nice fish being caught. The spinner fall has been epic up in the fast water, and evening hatches have been great. Small dark mayfly patterns have been working well under the indo. Warmer weather this next week should make some bugs pop!

Fall River

Still fishing a bit slow, weeds are still sparse. However there is some warm weather in the forecast so it should get the weeds growing. Even with the slow fishing we have still managed some great fish. Small mayflies and zebra midges.

Pit River

Has been the best fishing with some nice fish being caught on Big rubber leg stones and small mayflies like Hogans S&M nymphs. If you have the nerve to wade where other people won’t you’ll catch way more fish….Do some exploring don’t just fish the same pullouts you see everyone else fishing.

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