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Burney/Fall River Fly Fishing Report

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Michelle Titus @ Clearwater Lodge Reports on 7.21.2016

The Intermountain region continues to produce numerous trout for the avid angler. On the Fall River, the Hex hatch is slowing down though there are still episodes of big beautiful rainbows gobbling up Hexagenia Limbata Mayflies after sunset. This annual hatch is something special to experience.


During the day, nymphing on the Fall with Copper Johns and Midges or presenting PMD’s and a variety of sized Parachute Adams to rising fish has been successful. Hat Creek continues to reward anglers all along the wild trout section with nymphs or TriCo’s in the to risers in the morning and PMDs in late afternoons. Carbon Flat in the evening has been giving dry fly enthusiasts some great rewards.


The mighty Pit keeps producing fat wild ‘Bows who are eating Caddis pattern and small Mayfly nymphs especially in the Pit 3 through 5 sections. We are noticing a significant rise in the water temps throughout Pit 1, so we are no longer fishing that section of water until those temperatures drop.


Baum Lake is filled with truck trout providing great teaching opportunity for the beginning angler.

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