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Golden Stonefly Adult


  • Color: Golden-Olive / Brown Mottled
  • Antennae: 2
  • Tails: 2
  • Legs: 6
  • Size: 22-38mm

After migration to the foliage and rocks of the shoreline, golden stoneflies shed the remainder of their nymphal shucks and quickly find mates under the protective cover of streamside vegetation. The fertilized females will then fly clumsily above the water, quickly darting to the surface to deposit eggs, making themselves easy targets for aggressive surface-feeding trout.

Many adults will also fall from the safety of streamside trees, weeds, and other vegetation. These unfortunate bugs wind up swept along with the main current and will often collect in the slower water of eddys and along deeper cut banks. Golden stoneflies in their adult stage are easily spotted as they are quite active during and after their streamside mating time.

Fishing Tactics

When fishing a golden stonefly dry it is very important to focus on the banks of the river.  Don't worry about delicate presentation and get as close to foliage as you possible can to represent the insect falling into the current.  Eddy's and other current changes are other solid spots to test your luck

Our Favorite Golden Stonefly Dry Fly's