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Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Barbieri, Dave Barbieri Guide Service

Fishing on the Yuba was excellent this week! We have been picking up most fish on eggs lately, but also getting a fair amount of fish on caddis, PMD, and BWO dry flies. Caddis dries have been working especially well in the evening. The smallest trout, shown in the picture below, looked like it was attacked by a raptor! There were vertical cut marks on the sides of its body, and they we’re still bleeding. He was caught on a PMD dry, under a thick low hanging tree. I guess he decided he’d better take cover. The look on his face says “I can’t believe it, I’m just not safe anywhere!” Anyway, when we released him he went back to his tree. Flows on the Yuba right now are at 800 cfs.

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