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Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi, Baiocchi Troutfitters


Overall fishing conditions have been good on the Lower YubaRiver, the water is a little clearer than I like it, but we have to deal withwhat is given to us. A small storm rolled through on Friday night and Saturdaythat did not affect the river at all, currently the river is flowing at 721cubes, with Deer creek adding another measly 18 cfs. Angling pressure has been thick at the more popular access areas, but you can always find a spot to yourself in the 5 mile section from the Hwy 20 bridge to Sycamore Ranch.

The Skwala hatch has intensified in the last week and a half with a good population on the lower river. The rainbows are programmed now to move into the side water from 12 to 5pm anticipating those twitchy legged stones floating down the micro currents. Some fish are eager to take your Skwala pattern on the first drift, others that have been picked on require perfect presentations, with the perfect fly. You may even have to drop down to 5x on those picky feeders. Cast less and observe more.

A few Golden Stones have been observed on the bank which is way early for them but with another wimpy winter it does not surprise me at all. Aquatic samplings have revealed a bumper crop of Baetis, and Rhyacophila caddis commonly known as the green rock worm. A rare find was a huge Pterronarcys stone fly, like a prime rib dinner for four to a trout. Effective sub surface flies have been Lance’s X-May, and Hogan’s Military Mays, Red Headed Step Child, and his new Amigo May. Small flies #16-18 that are dark and flashy is getting the best results. For the surface Skwala adults, March Browns, and BWO’s is all you need. That’s it from mission control; the weather once again will be nice in the next week so get out there and get into them!


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