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Wild Waters Fly Fishing

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Kevin DeGulis report  4.26.18


I want to share with you guys a story. It was October of 2017 and it was my second week living in the great state of California. George and I made the six-hour trip from San Francisco up to Shasta Lodge meeting a crew of gentleman who planned to fish the upper sac, McCloud, and Klamath River. I had no steelhead punch card or have even heard of such a thing since iv only fished for large lake run rainbows back home in the shores of Lake Erie(fake steelhead). To get a head start I went with Chuck from Wild Waters Fly Fishing, looked at George and said: “ill take care of this and meet you at the river”. 


No idea who this guy I jumped in the car and we were off. Our conversations quickly turned to fish and fish behavior. Not knowing anything about this area, Chuck carefully and passionately explained the magic within mt. Shasta. Creating all these incredible rivers, this conversation went on for hours back and forth. I was simply amazed by the attention to detail and energy over the fisheries he guides. Chuck almost instantly became the one favorite people I have ever met, ill never forget that car ride. Later, I would meet the rest of crew John, Jim, and Carl I almost couldn’t believe this was a single team of guides. I sat and listened to stories of each of them got their start and how this whole life was formed over the years. 


Passing down knowledge down to me was priceless, to even know a guide service like this even existed gave me the confidence to keep pushing forward in the fly fishing industry. 

Today LCO wants to congratulate Wild Water Fly Fishing on their incredible accomplished of becoming Orvis 2018 Fly Fishing Outfitter of the year.

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