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Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report Rick Cox of Ted Fays Fly Shop...

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Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

Rick Cox of Ted Fays Fly Shop Reports :

The USac is fishing very good. I have not been able to say this for some time so take note … and look below at the pics. The entire river from Delta up to Ney Springs has fished great since the rain last week for me and my clients. Some of these were big hot fish that schooled some and rewarded those who knew the drill. The nights now are colder, the water temps have dropped and last weeks rain made the perfect recipe for the bite to turn on. It is still pretty much a nymphing affair but I have to say too the last two mornings I have seen fish rising to baetis at mid river. Fish can be found in riffled water, throughout runs, in the happy water and at the heads of pools. The flats will show off the sippers working on the baetis. My advise is get this river on your calendar sooner than later. Btw checkout the shot of the early October Caddis shucks … they are back!

Recommended Bugs …. Nymphs

  • Dirty Bird #8-12
  • Red Fox Squirrel #8-10
  • October Caddis Pupa #8-10
  • Plump Poopah #8-10
  • Jimmy Legs #4-14
  • LBS (dig back to a certain previous report)
  • Gordon Prince #14-16
  • Copper John (red & copper) #14-16
  • Tan or Olive Fox Poopah #14-16
  • Soft Hackles #14-16


  • Humpy #14-16
  • Adams #10-18
  • X-Caddis #8-14
  • E/C Caddis #14-16
  • Stimulator #8-14
  • PMD #14-16

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