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Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Cox reports on 11.29.18

Mt. Shasta

Winter has finally decided to creep in, the mountain has gotten its first coat of snow and the beautiful clouds of the season are showing themselves off. As I write this it has been raining all day and is forecast the rest of the week along with a possibility of snow. 

The local rivers are all closed with the exception of the Upper Sacramento which is open all year. I tip my hat to another great season up here and give gratitude to our rivers that bless us with their beauty and the pleasure they give us. And thanks to all of you who respect this wonderful resource we get to enjoy here. On the upside this weather is bringing in a fresh push of steelhead on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers so it’s time to get the big guns out and go chase some beast.

With rain, the norm for the USAC is she runs like a roller coaster showing off rapid rises and drops. Rain is supposed to be with us through this week so best wait till it ends and settles a bit. Remember, this river can fish very good for some quality fish during the Fall and Winter season. Think big rubber legs, Winter P.T.’s, S&M’s, Micro Mayflies and soft hackles.

 An occasional Blue Wing Olive hatch will bring noses, sometimes big noses up to sip these bugs so be prepared to switch over to throwing your favorite BWO pattern. This time of the year is a special favorite for me, the opportunity is there to get into one of the big fish that this river holds and you don’t have to mess with the dinks of summer, they are hibernating heaven knows where.

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