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Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Bucko Theriot reports on 4.27.17

Trout opener is coming up, and even though the Upper Sac is open year around, it is still a viable option. The river is currently flowing at 2600 cfs and there is plenty of fishable water that you can hit on opening weekend. I have seen a couple salmon flies on the lower sections of the river, but nothing up on the upper stretches yet. Big rubber legs is a go to on my rig right now. 

Recently, a train derailed near the Sims area and Union Pacific is currently working on clearing the tracks and getting the bridge repaired. Thankfully there was nothing spilled into the river and the cars were empty that derailed. We definitely don’t want what happened back in 1991 to happen again, but I think it is just a matter of time before something like that happens again. If you don’t know what I am talking about, A train accident, in 1991, caused a chemical tank car to fall into the Sacramento River, spilling 19,000 gallons of the herbicide metam sodium. The chemical impacts extended over 20 miles from the spill site to Lake Shasta killing everything on its way down. 

Back to fishing. Try fishing the soft edges, pools and anything moving slow enough that looks like it will hold a fish. Flies: Rubber legs, Copper Johns, Pheasant tails, and prince nymphs. 

Local photographer Josh Spurlock sent me some killer drone footage of the wreck. 

Opening days:May 1st-7th, 12-14, 18, 22-26

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