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Upper Sac and McCloud Fly Fishing Reports

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Ted Fay Reports on 7.11.2015

Hot weather has left the house and cooler days are prevailing. The big   4th of July holiday stampede has come and gone with limited   collateral damage and battle scars. Things are settling in nicely now and both   of our favorite rivers are giving us some good fishing. Right now is a great   time to be here for the fishing and all the other accessories that the area has   to offer. Long range forecasting is showing very mild conditions for the next   couple of weeks.

The McCloud River is fishing good. This last week offered up some very   nice fish for father/son Keith and Willie. The river is slowly coloring up but   is still very fishable. I would guess the visibility is around 2 feet. This   means caution when wading … try letting your feet be your eyes. It is hard to   predict if this is a short term or long term event. The lake does not show any   mud field so as in some previous years I have experienced it could just be the   milky McCloud for the summer. Bobbercator style has produced the best, some   streamer success has been had and evening hatches of caddis and mayflies has   been spotty. Look for fish in some of   those aint worth it spots you passed over earlier in the   season.

The Upper Sac has had water temps spike into the mid 70’s on the lower   sections. Stay away from there when it like this. The fish are stressed enough   and do not need any additional tension in their lives when the river gets this   warm. The current cooler weather will help the high temps. Checkout this website   for real time flows and temps …   I would   stay from Gibson up to Ney Springs and as long as the cooler weather sticks   around you should find good fishing all day. Currently the fish are either deep   in the runs and pools or are in the heavy oxygenated water … choose your poison.  

Rick Cox

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