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Truckee/Tahoe Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles Reports on 11.19.2015

Pyramid Lake

has been very good if you time it right. When we’ve had these storms rolling through, the fishing has been very good, before, during, and after. When it has cleared and warmed back up it has been slow. Storms and wind are your friend at Pyramid Lake. As long as you can handle the weather when it’s stormy the fishing is pretty consistent. When high pressure sets in and its sunny and calm your best bite is early and late. On those days you’re hoping the fish will come in and some point. Some beaches have more fish on them than others right now. Hit a few spots until you find them. It’s a big lake. Remember you usually want the wind coming in on you.

The Truckee River

is still hanging in there at 80 cfs here in the Hirsh, and 100 cfs near Farad. Not ideal flows, but there is some water and it could be way worse. Hopefully, December rain and snow will bump the river up into the 300-400 range. It happened about the second week of December last year, and last year was the worst precip winter on record. We need El Nino to kick in at some point. We are in a winter type fishing pattern. Fish will move out of fast water and move into slower type water. It will be interesting to see the flows a month from now.

The Little Truckee River

is really good at 48 cfs. Very good flows for this time of year out on the LT, and the fishing is good. The LT is a tailwater and regardless of air temps, the water temps stay fairly consistent.  Get after it before you can’t get out there. A few big winter storms and the road will be impassable. Baetis and midges and smaller type flies out on the LT.

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