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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles Reports on 1.9.17


The above photo is from this morning here in the Hirsch on the Truckee River.

The river in the photo is at just about 4,800 cfs. I took a photo on Sunday afternoon at the same spot at 4,800 cfs as well. Late Sunday night the river rose to just over 8,000 cfs. The river is just up over 3,000 cfs right now Monday evening. Big, big pulse of water. The river in Reno crested today at Vista at around 15,000 cfs, major flood stage. I’m sure everyone has been watching the news and have seen the pictures of the Truckee River coming out of Reno. The water did not get as high as ’05, or ’97. Still the biggest flows the river has seen in over 10 years. Rain has turned to snow and we are looking at 4-7 feet on the hills this week.

What’s the fishing gonna be like? Well, I fished in Reno (Mogul) after the ’05 episode and the fish were in the same spots they were 2 weeks before. (I honesty can’t remember how the fishing was after the flood of ’97.) It was huge down there that year in ’05, and the trout were fine. So that being said the river and trout will be fine. The California side will come back in shape, soon- like this weekend soon. I’m sure some fish got pushed around, but they will be happy and very healthy.

The Nevada side will drop a little later. I’m sure the river has scoured new channels, especially through parts like the Nature Conservancy. It will look different in some places. Remember, a flood is the best thing that can happen to a river. Floods move debris, silt, and renews a river. After 5 years of drought the Truckee River has seen flood stage 3 times this winter. She’s back folks.

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