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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report 8/21

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We’re still hanging in here. There’s still water flowing in the Truckee River, nights have cooled, and the fishing is actually pretty darn good. Been on average about 45 every morning here in the Hirsch. Nice and cool. Water temps have dropped considerably over the last few weeks. We have about 180 cfs running through town here, a bit higher lower, (Farad,) and low, to pretty low in Nevada. I’ve been guiding only in Cali as of late. There’s more water. I just feel it’s the right thing to do right now for the fish. Crays are still dominating the menu, along with the big midnight stones. Tons of protein floating around right now. Baetis mayflies are again in the mix, and the big caddis hatches are waning down. Streamers are again on trouts brains. Pack the bunny fur, they’ll eat it. Another few weeks up here and it will turn from summer to fall. Start thinking about Pyramid Lake. The lake reopens on October 1st. Home of the Worlds largest trout.
With lower than average water conditions on the Truckee River this August, fly anglers may need to change the game plan a bit. Trout can sometimes get a little spooky this time of year, end of summer. Some of the more popular spots on the river trout can be “shell shocked” from all the pressure. With low water and weary fish you may need to approach the water a little differently. Dry dropper rigs will almost always out perform a nymph rig with an indicator. Also you may need to down size a tippet size or two. Try a black bead instead of a gold one on nymphs. Try to also approach the water a little more stealthy, wade quietly and put a few cold ones in the ice chest in case of a skunking. 

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