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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 3.30.17


Big water and big fish. Nothing much has changed since last week. Lots of water coming down the pike.

This fishing has been good though. I really can’t believe I’d be saying that at these flows. We’ve done well this last week. The fish have been the healthiest I’ve ever seen-no joke. Lots of water means lots of food for our trouts to eat. These fish are big and fat. We may have the best fish in the West right now.

Flows are 3k as I write this and slowly dropping. We were fishing at about 4,500 this week, or flood stage. You just have to find some good soft water and fish will be there. You are fishing deep bank water right now, and you have to get the fly in the zone. Usually that means weight. Lots of spilt shot for the indo rig, or heavy anchor flies for the tight line rig. There is soft water all over the river. Just have to find it.

So nymph up on them. Get rid of your 4X and put on some 1X. Streamer fish for the big meat eaters. Stay committed though. The bobber rig works wonders, but there’s other ways to catch fish. Realize the fish of your lifetime is right now. Good luck finding them this summer when they spread out and are in the pocket water. We find a few occasionally, but we work our asses off for them.

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