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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Gilligan Koles Reports on 6.23.2017

Still not much change in flows on the Truckee River.

We’ve been hovering around 2,500 cfs here in the Hirsch. Better than 5,000 k, but still really big water.

Flows will drop on July 2’nd on the Truckee River. Looks like they will come down to about 800 cfs or so below Boca. That will be just about right. 7 months of big water.

For now we’re getting fish, and I’m getting them along the length of the entire river.

It’s summer and the bugs are out now. Every bug that lives in river is out and about. Caddis should start pop’n really soon. Usually its right around this time, but they will be a week or so late this year with the higher colder water. We’ll have some good evening caddis dry fly fishing in July this year. Really great fishing in general this July on the river.

The Nevada side of the Truckee River should start fishing well when the flows drop too.

It’s hot. Feels like a death march out there in the afternoons right now. 100 in Reno and not much change up through the canyons towards Hirschdale. Could be a hot summer? Funny, it snowed last weekend here and this weekend thought I was going to get a heat stroke. When it’s hot like this mid-morning is usually best, and then again in the late evening.

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