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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles, Gilligan’s Guide Service

The Truckee River is fishing very well for this time of year. The river feels like about mid-April, meaning the river is fishing how it would early spring, not
late winter, minus the bugs. The water is still cold, but warming some
during the day and the fish are spreading out into different areas of
the river. I’m not just fishing the winter frog water. Yes, lots of fish
are in the slower water still, but you will find fish holding up on
banks and moving into mid-river slots. I fished a section of river
yesterday that I don’t hit until usually April-ish, and it fished pretty
well. Flows are great.


Matt Heron, Matt Heron Fly Fishing


Well last week the Truckee finally got a big push of water from two different storms that pounded the area for about three days. Although we needed the white stuff, we’ll take it for now. The river in some spots went from a few hundred CFS, to over 2,000 in a matter of days.
This was exactly what the doctor ordered. Although for the first few days it turned the fishing off, it has since gotten better by the day. The water clarity is good to excellent in most parts and the fish are on the feed again. Not much has changed, most fish are being taken on Sz 18 Baetis, 20-22 midges, and SJWs. With that said there are a few Squallas around and you might want to try a stone or rubber leg attractor, or even dry if you’re feeling lucky.
With the water being up, the fish have spread out all over the river and are not nearly as picky and skittish as they were. You might want up up-size you tippet, and make drifts everywhere that looks ‘fishy’.
Not knowing what the summer will hold, all of our guides are ready and available as the end of our winter season approaches. Shoot us a call or email, we would love to get you on the Truckee during these prime flows!

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