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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Heron Reports on 10.8.2015

Although it’s been a while, we’ve a had an amazing fall on the rivers since our last report. There is no question that winter is around the corner in the Truckee area, cold nights and changing colors can signal some of the best fishing of the year.

Overall the Truckee hasn’t really changed much below Boca in the last few weeks. Flows are still low, but consistent and water temps are perfect. We’ve seen temps from the high 40s to high 50s, pretty normal for this time of year. The bugs are what you might expect, small Baetis/BWOs, 18s-20s, October Caddis pupas, rubber legs, and any softhackles 14-18. There are a ton of crayfish around, they aren’t molting at all, but it’s worth a shot as your lead fly.
The Little Truckee is just like it always is this time of year, low and at times very technical. Small flies and light tippet are the norm, even for some of the big lake runs you might run into. Like the Big T, Baetis/BWO’s have been the go-to. There are some micro caddis, small, late season yellow sallies, and even some mahogany duns, 14s.

Please be careful of your wading, and respect spawning fish this time of year. There are a few redds around with more to come as it gets later in the fall.
Our classes on our ponds in Squaw Valley continue to get better into the fall as water temps drop and flows come up. It’s never to late to lake one of our daily classes.

We have a great guide crew with a few open dates still in the next few weeks. Check us out at, or call us at 518-225-6587.

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