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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles Reports on 2.9.2016

High pressure this week, or maybe until the end of the month. Not good for our snowpack, but we will have, or looks like we will have a solid month, weather wise, of good winter fishing.

It’s been cold at night, typical when the nights are cloud free, but warm during the day. When it hits 50 at Lake Tahoe-Truckee during the winter, it’s warm. It will be most of next week. Flows are at about 400 cfs here at Hirschdale, and have been like that since last weekend. Very, very good flows, like the best. Water is still cold, it’s winter, and except to find fish in the slower froggy water.

Both sides of the line are fishing well. The Nevada side took a big hit last summer from the low flows, but there’s still fish down there. Flows are good in the “Battle Born” state, and should stay good for a while.

400 cfs means the Truckee River is an actual river again. Nice good healthy flows. Good enough to put the boat in, swing with the switches if you want, indo nymph, you name it. I met some dude last week that had never seen the river in it’s actual healthy state. He started fishing it during the low flows and wasn’t quite sure how to fish it now. Too big I guess. Don’t worry, I have you covered, ha ha.

Get out and get on it. Weather is nice and the river is in good shape.

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