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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 3.30.2016

Very good spring fly fishing happening on the Truckee River right now. Don’t worry, if you don’t make it this spring, we’ll have water all summer.

Yes folks, the Truckee River is back.  I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. It’s almost like the drought made the fish bigger. I’m no fisheries biologist, hell, I don’t even have a college degree, but I can tell you, the Truckee River is fishing better than it has in years. The low water months we had last year did not hurt these fish at all. Of course with a month of high water recently, these fish have packed on some pounds. It’s good to hear guests say again, “I’ve fished all over the West and have never caught fish like these.” Of course they have a good guide, ha ha.

Blue wings, skawalas, and yes, some fish looking up. This is a good time of year to toss the dry dropper rig up on things and see who pops up. Fish streamers in slack water and tailouts, and nymph up on any good slot you find.

My season at Pyramid Lake is pretty much a done deal. April can be a a very good month at the lake, but with newborns at home, it’s hard to spend 10-12 hours away from home. I’ll be on the Truckee River all of my time here in the vicinity of Hirschdale. Call Doug O if you are going to fish the lake, he is dialed in.

On a side note: I get lot’s of emails and phone calls daily. If I don’t get back to you, it’s because I’m feeding a baby, or changing a diaper… Please understand that I can’t always get back to every question, (email), and phone call, and everything else- at least right away. I will get back at some point, so please bear with me.

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