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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles Reports on 4.13.2016

Big big water. Well over 1200 cubes here in the Hirsch this last weekend, and now back to around 1000.

The fishing seems to be very difficult if you do not have some experience fishing at these flows. Key is to stay out of the current, good luck. Fish slack edges and do not wade to far out, fish will be at your feet. The whole river is pretty high, so it’s hard to find low water. I’m not complaining.

One day you may crush them and the next day nada. Best thing right now is to suspend your flies under the indo, or dry dropper rig, and fish them tight to the banks. I would like to say the streamer fishing is good, but the fish are still piled up in the same spots and not spread out, yet…So if you’re pounding the banks from the boat, they just aren’t on them yet. They will be.

We actually have a shit ton of water and things will stay good all summer once again. So if you come up now to fish the Truckee, remember the water is high and cold and you will be lucky to get fish. When you do hook that fish it will probably tear the ass end out of you because they’re big. That’s how it goes in the spring, at least on my river.

The Little Truckee River is low for this time of year. They are trying to fill Stampede. Look for flows to stay low out there..,bummer. There is about 400 cfs coming into Stampede right now, and Stampede is slowly rising, but it’s going to take a while. We are all kinda fretting on the flows situation out on the LT right now.

Ok, I am going to be putting on a few clinics. It should be one weekend in May and one weekend in June, at least for now. One will be a streamer clinic and the other will be a, “Bottoms Up,” clinic. The Bottoms Up clinic, I’m thinking, will be a 2 day comprehensive  clinic. Tight line nymphing, streamer fishing, dry fly fishing, indicator rigging. etc. Let me know what you guys think. I will be doing these on my own and they will be small intimate type deal. I will post about them later this week.

Thanks folks for all the love. I’ve received lot’s of emails and presents from people congratulating us on our newborn twins. I really appreciate it. I truly am blessed, so thanks! You become friends with a lot of people you take out fishing, as long as they catch fish, ha ha. Hopefully, I see some old faces again this summer.

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