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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matthew Koles Reports on 7.28.2016

Hot again up here. Really time to start thinking about a voluntary Hoot Owl Closure on certain, if not all parts of the river.

Don’t panic, we still have plenty of water in the Truckee River, but it’s something we as anglers should be considerate about, every summer around this time.


When water temps get above 68 degrees it’s time to pull the plug on fishing, just too hard on our trouts. Please watch the video we did a few years back. Of course the fishing is fine in the mornings, in fact, it’s been relatively cool out, but after about lunch things warm up real quick.

So the river above the inflow of the LT at Boca, pull the plug after lunch- from Boca on down and the Nevada side- most certainly carry a thermometer with you, and if the water feels warm take a temp at call it quits. It’s just the right thing to do if you want to have healthy trout.

Hirschdale sits at about 5,500 feet at it’s about 10 miles from Nevada, the desert. It get’s very hot in the summer here, and from here on down. Carry that thermometer and don’t even bother asking me if I’ll take you out in the afternoons fishing on the Truckee River, not worth it for you, or the fish.

Out on the Little Truckee River flows have been real good the last few weeks. That water is considerably colder than the Truckee as it’s a tailwater coming from the bottom of Stampede. Really no need to worry out there on water temps unless flows drop below 50 cfs. Good fishing for now out there.

Please fish cool and be mindful of our trout.

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