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Truckee Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 8.15.18

Good solid fishing on the Truckee River. That’s in the mornings.

Still very hot in the afternoons, cool in the mornings, and actually smoke free the last few days.

Looks like we may have a cool down this week with highs back in the 80’s. Been hot the last 6 weeks. Reno set a record for consecutive days over 100. It was the hottest July on record in California. Every summer it gets a little hotter. The climate has changed. Hopefully in 50 years there’s still cold water for our kids and their kids to fish for trout in the Truckee River.

Crayfish and more crayfish and big nocturnal stones, caddis, and smaller beatis. Nymphing is the way to go in the pocket water. Tight line nymphing is the best and most productive way to nymph in those pockets. Success is determined on how you can move about in the river. This time of year the river will eat you up if you cannot wade well, or, I hate to say, are a couch potato. You have to move and be able to wade around in the faster water. Wading staffs, and traction bars on your boots help. Give it another month or two and trouts will move back into some slower less aggressive water. This is especially true on the Nevada side. Those fish have to find refuge in the fast oxygenated water. The Nevada side is fishing well, if you fish early. That side has been repopulated with wild trout. It should bode well for us this later fall- and into next year. Lots of good wild fish again down there. Could be like the salad days once again. I’m stoked on it for sure

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