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Trinity River Fly Fishing ReportLeslie Ajari Reports on...

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Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

Leslie Ajari Reports on 11.5.2015
The last five days on the Trinity have been great. I spent a few days on the lower section of the river swinging flies and working with clients on spey casting technique. While there didn’t seem to be as many fish in this section of the river, it was nice to get out of the crowds and mayhem of the upper river. We even hooked into a few nice fish.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the upper/middle river the nymph grab was on. The small amount of rain we got on Saturday has brought in a fresh pulse of grabby fish. There were a quality amount of adult steelhead caught this weekend. The only downside was the crowds. As November progresses we should see the fish spreading out more along with the hordes of anglers. 

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