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Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 12.6.18

Here is a report for the Trinity River:

The amazing Trinity received a lot of rain over last week’s storm system. We thought she would blow out any day but the river held on until the very end… finally blowing out for just a day and a half over last weekend. As soon as it stopped raining the river was on the drop and clearing fast by 12/2/18

The river is back to low and clear as of 12/6/18. I hit all the rocks yesterday. My poor Willie boat is taking a beating.

Typically, this river can handle a lot of rain and drops and clears very quickly making it one of the “safest bets” during winter steelhead season. But, with all the fires and potential for mudslides, etc, there’s been a bit of anxiety this season as to what effect this might all have on the rivershed. 

There are a few small creeks in the Lewiston area that could cause some on/off trouble this winter. But they don’t typically have a ton of cfs so when it stops raining these small tribs drop quickly. A lot of unknowns before this past system came through as we haven’t had measurable precip for weeks during October/November to test things out - we are happy to report the river is in good shape! I’m somewhat confident under “normal” rainfall that the Trinity will be her old self (fast dropping/fast clearing) and we should experience somewhat predictable conditions the rest of winter. But what the hell do I really know? It’s freakin winter steelhead fishing, right!?!?!

We saw a lot of fish moving this past week and had some of the best fishing of the year recently. Steelhead (a mix of hatchery and wild) are definitely spread throughout the upper river system from Lewiston to JC. Looking forward to more rain this weekend!! Contact me asap as my Dec and Jan days are going fast!

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