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Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

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Brian Clemens Reports 11.24.16

Well recent rains of done great things for the local fishing here in Sacramento, however, its done some even better things up on the Trinity River.
Despite the hype (poor fishing conditions), we have been doing pretty darn well considering the reports. We are finding a good number of adults on a daily basis, ranging from 22-30", and have seen a few hooked over 30". Some days we work for a few adults while other days are just flat out awesome.
With more rain in the very near future, I would look into getting up there asap.

If you want to hook big steelhead now’s the time. The winter fish are in, and there have been a bunch moving up over the past week of rain. The rest of this year is looking great. Like to swing, well, we are still getting grabs.

I still have a few more days remaining this year if you are looking to get out. The dates that I have remaining are perfect for booking two days. Nov 30, Dec 1,9,10,13,14

For 2017 dates, please shoot me an email.


Looking forward to hearing from you. Come join me on one of my favorite rivers to guide/fish

Brian Clemens
Nor Cal Fly Guides

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