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SF Surf : Cheers to Spring

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Capt. Kevin DeGulis reports on 3.14.19

Last night on a hide tide LCO teammate Will roped into a 16-inch CALIFORNIA Halibut (not Pacific) at our local beach Crissy field. The past three days in San Francisco have been sunny and warm which will create more activity in the bay. If this weather keeps up, soon the water will clear to two or three feet in visibility. Hopefully, stripers from the Delta will come back to the salt in good numbers giving the city by the bay an unforgettable spring.

As the end of March approaches, I am increasing getting excited and most importantly prepared. The only way to learn is to fish areas on different tides and practice casting. I use to “practice my casting while fishing.” this mindset has held my cast back,  just normalizing bad habits developed from constantly casting heavy shooting heads.

Since I want to be on the beach at once a day, I am going to keep myself on a strict schedule. At least two days a week in the morning I will practice at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Pools in Golden Gate Park.  Most likely an eight weight Single Hand rod with a tropical floating line a Bonefish Quickshooter or tarpon line that has a heavier head will do just fine.

Safeway baskets are the best

Also, I will be practicing with my double handset up for ocean beach; this is only to finetune my cast before May. The goal is to have zero thought process while casting in the surf; I don’t want to focus on a tangled running line or to cast correctly. I want to focus on stripping my flies and covering water, nothing else. The only way to achieve this is to practice, and take advantage of daylight savings. Feel free to email me at

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