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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Rob Russell reports on 5.3.18


The colors are changing at Putah Creek.  Lush foliage of the Spring is quickly replaced by the now desiccated, straw-colored grasses.  Temperatures in the 70s and 80s make for extremely pleasant fishing these days.  Coupled with flows around 330 cfs, this makes for good fishing conditions and wading access.     Nymphing remains the most common technique.  

High sticking, tight-line nymphing, Czech nymphing, call it what you like;  nymphing without an indicator has been as effective as the bobber rig.       Dry fly fishing happens!  A burgeoning caddis population has resulted in a building hatch on warmer days. 

Fish have been caught on top during the hatches, with fish slashing at emergers and adults.  I like a two fly rig with a dry trailing an emerger.  Caddis takes are explosive!  Such a great treat on a creek known for nymphing…     Fish STREAMERS!!!  The streamer bite has been outstanding at Putah Creek. 

 If you have always wanted to be a streamer fishing hero,  now is the best opportunity for an awesome shot of you and a giant, Putah streamer-eater!

 I have seen more fish hooked with streamers this year than in all the years I have fished Putah combined.  There have been days when streamers have outfished the nymphs.  Fish the deeper, slower areas of the Creek with a sinking line.  I prefer smaller leeches and buggers, however, as big as you can throw is not a bad idea.  Throw some meat, as they say.  Go catch your fish of a lifetime!  Throw streamers at #putahcreek

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