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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney reports on 3.10.2016

Putah Creek has a lot in common with all the other Northern California Rivers…MUD. I am afraid it is going to get worse before it gets better with storms coming in this weekend. Either way once the weather gets better it should clear pretty fast. Most of the muddy water is coming off the feeder creeks not the lake so the clear water from the lake will most likely clear out the creek in about a week or so after the next storms. The silt in the upper stretches is worse than a thought. There is a certain run that I really like to fish this time of year but now the silt has slipped in and covered the bottom with a light colored 2 ft slug. The fish will feel too vulnerable to hold over a light bottom like that so that run is done for a while. Once the summer flows come in a wash things down it might change things back to how they used to be.

I was able to get out and fish it a few days last week. The spawn is for the most part finished, but tread lightly. Look for cleared out gravel spots and avoid putting your boots in those spots. I fished the creek personally one day and did well. Several smaller fish and tangoed with a few 20ish” fish that didn’t get to the net. I spent the next day showing to creek to the Fish On Energy boys. Overall it was slow but we finished the day strong with a few 16+” fish that we were able to sight from one of my favorite more challenging spots. Most fish I saw taken on a size 16 crackback pmd. We got a few others on a San Juan, and small JuJu Baetis.

I have some availability at the end of the month for trips. Get at me and let’s get out there. Please make sure to thoroughly scrub your boots and waders after you fish. This doesn’t just apply to Putah Creek, you need to take responsibility to clean your gear no matter what body of water you are fishing. Do the right thing and help cut down on the spread of invasive species.

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