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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 3.31.2016 :

The Creek has not been very kind to me in the last few weeks. The flows have been abnormally low around 80cfs which is not very fun for anyone. Bring in the dirty water from storms a few week ago only half of the river was clear. It has taken a long time for the river to clear up and 80 cubes of water doesn’t push enough of the dirty water out quickly. The hatches have been bleak and the fish just really haven’t been in the runs we need them to be. I think once they finished spawning and the river got so low that the majority of fish have been sitting in the frog water. This type of water is very difficult to get a cast and proper drift. It is kind of like fishing Pyramid Lake in a way, staring at an indicator in very slow moving water…hoping.

The creek started to bump up a little last week. I got the chance to fish it personally on Saturday morning for a few hours and had great results. The flows were around 120 which made everything kind of come together in way. I found 6 fish in about 2 hours with the biggest one around 20”.

The flows doubled on Monday to 200 cfs which is prime time for fishing. This will help push out the dirty water in the lower end of the creek and the fish will start to journey into the faster water when the hatches improve. The flows will be in our favor over the next few weeks. From the looks of the orchards and fields the farmers are going to start calling on water by the end of April. This will put the flows to about 500cfs. I know the ins and outs on where to go and where to fish at any given flow but 200cfs is a lot easier to fish then 500.

My calendar has April 12,13, and 14 open next week. With the increase of flows the fish will be on the feed. Streamer fishing can be good too with the bump. If I had a choice to do a guided trip anywhere next week that is where I would be heading.

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