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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard Loft Reports on 8.4.2017

Hi everyone I just wanted to do a short report for this Friday morning. When I got on the water today I really took my time making sure to wade in quietly not bumping any rocks with my boots and just very quietly making a few short drifts with just a minimal amount of weight . I want to emphasize being quiet. Also I have begun to notice that my balance while wading is really vital and because of that I am better able to wade in quietly as I lift my foot I am able to keep my balance and step forward without kicking rocks. Also remember its slippery out there so just “slow your roll ” and really take your time when wading into a section you think may hold a fish  <@)()()>< . Every once in a while you get rewarded with a fish you were not expecting and today was one of those days. After about 5 or 10 minutes of fishing I hooked up and just really took my time landing a 17in bow making sure to really keep serious pressure on her but just slightly bowing to the short runs.

  • I spent the next couple hours fishing other spots not wanting to beat up this section for me or other fishermen. I try not to get greedy. I want to point out a few things I have noticed while fishing:
  • The more time I spend wading the better my balance is and that drastically improves my ability to wade quietly

A few short preliminary casts will just help me by really slowing down my approach and giving me a chance to introduce the fly in a subtle and with out spooking a fish before it even sees my fly

Part Two: Lets talk a little about casting.

First of all, I am a good caster but I don’t claim to be a casting expert; although my fishing buddy, Sarah thinks I am possibly one of the better casters in the state–LOL.  Much of good casting is about building several skills and how these skills are connected while preforming a good cast.

Keep in mind that making a good drift starts with a good cast  

  • I think it helps to start your cast from what I call the pocket; Down stream and about 180 deg opposite of where you want your drift to start or cast to end same thing.
  • where you stand is also part of making a great drift. If you’re standing in the wrong spot your working against yourself so adjust your stance by how your cast is coming off.
  • Being able to cast well is also conected to what is known as hauling, a good haul will enhance you cast and accuracy
  • Lastly !  Good control of the line in your hands will greatly enhance your ability to set the hook in a timely manner when you do get a strike from a fish . so work on line control in your hands 

That’s it for now. If you are interested in a trip, give me a ring at 707-294-4738; or email at Richard Loft;

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