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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 11/9/2017

We are running out time to get some fishing done on the Creek.  The voluntary redd closure starts December 1st.  We may even call it early this year if it seems the fish start spawning early.  


So, how’s the fishing?  Its great! One of the best fall seasons I can remember.  Our numbers of fish per outing has been great.  We’ve been getting a ton of good numbers of healthy smaller rainbows per day. Mix in a few grabs from some the big boys here and there.  We have been using really small flies on 6x lately which leads to getting fish on the line but a hard scenario for getting those big fish in the net. 

There has been a ton of midges hatching first thing in the morning.  Around noon the mayflies start to pop and never really stop. A few tan caddis are still coming off in the afternoon.  Possibly because of how warm it has been.  We have even been throwing dry flies a bit out there and getting some really nice splashy rises.

Here’s the bad news.  It is a zoo out there.  Putah has been swarmed with anglers over the past two weeks.  Mid week has been ok but I would avoid weekends like the plague. It’s been so bad that often times its tough to get a spot to fish.  With the amount of traffic we have been seeing a lot of a anglers who do not understand the etiquette between each other.   My rule of thumb is if you are walking into a run and see and another angler, communiticate.  Ask which way they are working.  Ask “do you mind if…” before you jump in and start fishing.  Be patient with each other.  Most of the time if someone low holes us, or does something uncouth they flat out just do not know the rules.

I only have a few open dates to book for the month.  These days are gold right now with so many places fishing well.

11/13, 14, 15, 27, 28, 29, 30.  

Embrace A Stream Challenge

We have some fantastic news to share with you: through the tireless efforts of our Conservation Committee, the John Muir Chapter has been awarded an $8,000 Embrace A Steam grant to help protect and restore Putah Creek, our nearest and dearest wild trout water. Planned work will begin to repair the immense damage done by this past winter’s flooding and will include enhancing spawning and rearing habitat, improving fishing access, and outreach and public education.

There’s more though, and this time we need your help.

Together with Orvis, Trout Unlimited has created an additional pool of $50,000 to supplement Embrace A Stream projects that can demonstrate significant community support. The Embrace a Stream Challenge is a weeklong competition to help bring critical funding to important local chapter projects in streams and schools across the country. Every $10 donation in support of Putah Creek has the opportunity to unlock prizes and matching funding of up to $5,000.

So please, “give where you fish,” and help us do more for Putah Creek. Starting this Monday, November 6th each and every $10 donation will raise the odds Putah Creek gets the extra help it needs.

Help Putah Creek Recover

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