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Putah Creek Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 12.3.2015 (530) 304-8421

Putah is done for the season for me. The fish are in full spawn mode and will continue to do their thing until the end of February. I totally lay off the creek this time of year to give the fish a chance to regenerate the system in peace and suggest you do the same. We are only talking about a 4 ½ mile stretch of water, the fishery is extremely delicate. We need these fish to reproduce, it’s simple. The more successful the spawn the better fishing we have in the years to come.

Actively fishing spawning beds is a big no no. The fish are too vulnerable to have to deal with a hook in their mouth. They need the energy to protect their redds, and fight to fertilize the eggs. Surely there are areas to fish where there are not spawning fish, however you won’t find many fish in those runs. The creek is hard enough to fish in good conditions, don’t make it harder on yourself.

We as anglers have to stand by doing the right things based on ethical reasons. As a guide I fight to protect the waters that sustain me. It hurts the pocket book a bit to turn away trips on the creek in the winter, but it is a bitter sweet feeling. Most people who I talk with about it admire my stance on it.

On another note, there has been a breakthrough for the Salmon return on Lower Putah Creek. A few years ago a great redevelopment was made to restore the waters in hopes of bringing Salmon back. The results have been amazing. There have been over 500 fish that have returned this year. This blows my mind because five years ago there were less than 20. Note, salmon fishing is closed on this river. This is truly a story that if you build it they will come. Check out for some more information.

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