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Putah Creek Fishing Report

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Jordan Romeny reports on 2.14.19

Putah Creek Unofficial Opener March 1 st
The unofficial Putah Creek opener is just around the corner. Last spring the fishing on the creek was outright incredible. I remember having a new guide shadow me one day on the creek and he was blown away. We had two guests with us that each put 10 fish to hand and a couple of big fish mixed in there
too. I turned to him at one point and said “it’s not normally like this.

With the current storms and possible ones to come it might open up higher then normal. Usually spring flows are around the 200 cfs mark. It doesn’t really matter what the flows are when it opens only the clarity. As long as the river is a good fishable color, we will find them. We learned two years ago during
the biblical floods that we can still find fish in the high water. If the water is high we will still be able to fish. Unlike two years ago I’ve already figured out what to do and where to go. This is probably going to be an important year to go there guided. You may know it and have had success out there when things have been “normal.” Let me help dial you in when conditions do not seem favorable. The river is getting a nice scour right now which will help get rid of some of the silt build up from the fires out there the last few years.

There are options to do float trips out there with me if you are a single angler. We have found some really big fish out there in the past by using the boat. It is really the best high water tool I’ve found. We fish streamers too out of the boat. So if you are a streamer junkie you owe it to yourself to come to do a
float with me.

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