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Monterey Surf Fly Fishing Report

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Monterey Surf Fly Fishing Report

Evan Praskin reports on 07.08.19

Summa time and the fishing’s easy!” Well, not all the time. But we have had one heck of a good striper run this season. Fish are spread out and being caught on multiple beaches throughout the central Cali coast giving anyone a good shot at connecting with one of these salty stripers. Last Saturday I was joined by a good buddy Mike from Redding who put in the work to get some hookups. The tide was incoming all morning and we had high hopes of connecting with a good bass since guys throwing plugs were getting blowups to the left and right of us. That little excitement was short lived and it seemed that everyone stopped hooking up after 8am. Mikey had already put surfperch on the deck when “bam” hook up.... heads shakes, running line ripping from the basket.... drag singing and it was on. Lots of laughs and mid battle fist bumps lead to the first striper for Mike? Nope! First surf shark of the season, a 3’ leopard! Diamond in the rough since these fish are usually scent hunters. You gotta be reeeal lucky or stalk these fish in flats where you can deliver a fly to their face. Otherwise it’s all luck out in the surf if chasing those bad boys. Good job Mike, thanks for coming out and almost getting a Monterey Bay hat trick! 

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