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Monterey Surf Fly Fishing Report

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Evan Praskin reports on 4.19.18

The Surf

Hello, weather? Yeah, you had your chance during the winter to throw your swells and cold, rainy days at us. Could you just keep on trucking in the summer direction? Much appreciated….. Battle of the swell was the case for last week and it seemed to hold its energy throughout the weekend. Sunday gave us our best chance so we hit the surf at first light in search of hungry stripers. Had fly guy Zach down from Berkley area to show him what Monterey is all about, sadly the fish didn’t get the memo and decided to evade us. We had some good shots between the incoming surf to fish some really fishy water, but the trick was having your timing down in order to get a good presentation between the crashing waves. Even if you only get a few strips on the retrieve that’s all you need to feed those aggressive fish. We made a move to some calmer water, but no luck there either. 


Overall it was a very slow day for most everyone we ran into so we didn’t feel that defeated.  Zach gave it one heck of an effort, but that’s fishing. All in all, we had a great morning talking about life and of course good fishing stories from around the world. Ended our session with a hot meal back at the truck which we were both looking forward to after taking a pounding from the surf. The swell will fade out by the end of the week and we should have some calmer days in the forecast, and of course happier hungry fish. Hope everyone has a great week, we’ll see you on the beach!

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