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McCloud River Fly Fishing ReportPhoto’s By Carl Mogerley &...

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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

Photo’s By Carl Mogerley & John Rickard

This August proved to be a productive month on the McCloud River.  Some hefty fish from the lake have reached the upper stretches surprising many anglers with incredible fights and acrobatic get aways. Gotta love it. The water clarity and temperature drastically changes from the upper stretches all the way down to Bollibokka. Up top it has about 2-3 feet of visibility while the lower river at Bollibokka is damn near gin clear. The algae seems to be the only downside to fishing this time of year and diligent fly cleaning is necessary.  Sadly, there are no real hatches and any mayfly that happens to get off the water gets waxed by awaiting dragonflies, mandibles slicing them in half in an unfair dogfight. However, fall is near and caddis hatches are scheduled. It will be a great time to swing through a riffle or skate a tail-out. We hope to see you out there.

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