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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Wildwaters Fly Fishing Reports on 7.20.2017


The McCloud River gave us a show last week. We ended up with some great fish and some good dry fly fishing. Overall the hatches are weak this year. However for 20-30 minutes, the PMD hatch was damn fine and there are enough Yellow Sallies flying around to keep the trout looking up throughout the day. Unless you see rising fish, its best to cover the water and fish as many spots you can. The fish that are on the hunt don’t need a second cast. The glacial melt allows us to creep up a little closer then normal and perfect the drag free drift. Nymphers should also consider the glacial tint in choosing their fly size and color. When visibility is an issue consider fishing the pocket water or swinging soft hackles through the tail-outs. Despite the good fishing and beautiful sunny days, there were not a lot of anglers out. The McCloud was left for only a few of us. It was a pleasure to pull up to the Nature Conservancy and not see a single rig. We’ve been in every stretch of the river this month and from to to bottom she is fishing well, come fish it with us.

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