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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Wild Waters Fly Fishing Reports on 8.4.2017

With air temps breaking 100 degrees nearly every day, I can find no other salvation than wet wading the cold waters of the McCloud. These dog days of summer can be tough fishing but if you know a few tricks you can do really really well. The most productive being dry fly and dropper in the pocket water. Most of the pockets have fish and most of the fish are there to ambush their prey. They don’t need any coaxing, they are going to take your first cast. Its key to get the first one right. When the sun is high and there is a lot of contrast, try flies with some flash or sparkle. These summer days are also your best chance at getting a fish to smash a streamer. Sculpins outnumber rainbows in the McCloud and both the rainbow and the brown trout prey upon them. Cover the water with both techniques and try and hit as many spots as you can. It only takes a couple big fish to make your day.

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